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What is the Temu affiliate program ? How to join Temu affiliate program [Step by step A To Z ]

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Temu is an e-commerce platform that has become very famous in the United States of America UK Canada. Demo offers very cheap and affordable products and a wide variety of products, Like clothing, electronics, and home goods. 

Nowadays, the Temu app is Growing popularity Day by day in Europe, Asian and American countries like Canada, the United States of America, Australia and the UK By its cheap products and affordable prices. 

Temu app provides an affiliate program That offers A good commission and competitive Commission to you if you promote their products via your social media platform And other platform.  

If you want to make Passive income through Temu affiliate Marketing , Read This full review and know about , Temu affiliate program , Temu affiliate program commission, Temu affiliate program method , how does Temu affiliate program work,  Let’s go and know in detail about all these. 

Temu Affiliate Program

What is the Temu affiliate program ? 

Temu affiliate program is an affiliate program that is provided by Temu, an Online shopping platform.  If you want to join and make a passive income with the Temu app You can also join and Promote their  product on your social media platform Google Facebook YouTube etc and other social platforms. 

You can make a good commission as a reward for more than 20% of every product sale.  

Temu Company Full  details 

Temu is an online shopping platform Now it’s Gaining popularity across the country In the united America European countries. It launched in September 2022 Basically It is a China Based company that manufactures in China and ships and delivers in other countries. 

Temu app offers To its customers Very affordable and cheap products in more than 250 categories. That is a very Interesting fact That makes it a very interesting and unique platform. It is owned by PDD Holding It’s full form is Pinduoduo, a social commerce platform in China.

How to Temu affiliate program sign up

If you want to join the Temu affiliate program, follow this process. 

  • First , open the Temu app Go to Home page. 
  • You can sign up for the Temu affiliate program by your email.
  • Now go to earning section 
  • Click on the affiliate program 
  • Request to join Temu affiliate program. 
  • Create your affiliate link and make an affiliate account .
  • Now you go to your affiliate dashboard.
  • Create affiliate links of every product And share your social media handles Google blogging and other platforms. 


How does Temu affiliate program work

The Temu Affiliate program works like other affiliate programs. Create your Temu product affiliate link and share your Social media handle, Like Facebook Instagram Google YouTube etc social media platforms. 

You get up to 20% Happy proxyl and every referral You get $5 As your referral Commission. 


How to join the Temu affiliate program ?

To join the Temu affiliate program you need an email, mobile number, And PayPal account. 

Download Temu app via Play Store 

Open the app and sign up with your email id, and mobile number fill details. 

Go to The affiliate program section And join Temu affiliate Program. 

Temu affiliate program requirements

If you want to join the Temu affiliate program you should fulfill the Temu affiliate program requirement. 

  • You should have your social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. 
  • You should have Instagram Followers minimum 1000 followers , Your Instagram handle. 
  • You should have your YouTube channel a good YouTube channel that gaining views day by day by A good YouTube channel You can make more money by its affiliate program.
  • If you do not have any social media handle you can also apply for the Temu Affiliate program, Because there are no requirements for the Temu Affiliate program. 

But if you have any social media Handles like Instagram, Facebook , YouTube channel , It’s good for you and you can make more money with Temu affiliate programs. 

Temu affiliate program commission rate – Temu affiliate commission 

  • If you join the demo applet program you get 20% Commission on Every Product Sell.
  • Product Sel Commission depends on Product category There are 250 product categories
  • You got $5 On every referral by Your refer link. 
  • It is a recurring referral program. You got three level Referral earnings.
  • If your Referral Do any refer you also got Commission.
  • Anyone can join its affiliate program and make profit by Commission. 
  • Minimum threshold amount is $50 when you get the threshold amount you can withdraw by PayPal and other payment methods. 


Temu affiliate program not working 

Many countries the Temu affiliate program is not working and the Temu Affiliate Program does not support that region. 

If you are in a Temu affiliate program supported country and that time Temu affiliate program is not working it means there are technical problems with your affiliate link and affiliate account.


 How much does Temu affiliate program pay?

According to Temu official website data and statistics Temu affiliate program can pay You more than $100000. But it is depend on your work , Work Hard and work more You get more Commission , 

If you have a social media platform like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel you also EARN up to $10000 In a month. 


Is Temu affiliate program legit ? 

Yes, Temu affiliate program Is a legit affiliate program that works properly and many peoples are Make money more than 1000 Dollar in a week with Temu Affiliate program. 

If you are in American countries like the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom You should start Your affiliate journey now With Temu affiliate program. 
Best way to Earn Up to $20000 Commission In a month 

How do I become a Temu affiliate? 

You should be 18 year old , 1 genuine email id mobile number , Make your Temu account, join a Temu affiliate program , Make money with a Temu affiliate.

How do I use my Temu affiliate code?

Use your Temu affiliate code in referral app Program And you got your referral reward 

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