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Why is Temu so cheap ? Here Are 8 Top Reasons

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Why is Temu so cheap ? Here Are 12 Reasons Why is temu so cheap in Canada ? why Temu so cheap in uk

 Nowadays Temu is gaining popularity Day by day in European countries, the United States of America, Canada and Australia. Everyone was shocked when Temu revealed its product’s price Because products are much cheaper and affordable than other shopping platforms. 

But People are worried about its pricing system Because they think that it is a scam or not? Is Temu  legit Or not, why is Temu so cheap, why is everything so cheap in Temu? If you also think like this and you are one of them Read this article carefully. 

In this article you know about Temu business model And you know about why Temu is so cheap. Let’s go and know about it. 

Why is Temu so cheap

Why is Temu so cheap ? 

Online shopping platform Temu gives a reason behind it that its products are so affordable because the company allows buyers and sellers to connect directly, cutting out the added expenses associated with a middleman.

Temu online shopping app Very well managed Products That have very low margin and low cost can be affordable by everyone.

But it’s not a satisfying answer because there are many different opinions as to why Temu is so cheap.


Why is everything so cheap in Temu ? 

On Temu online shopping platform You can also see that every product has a very affordable price. Many people have many different opinions about it but There are many different criteria To be a product very cheap and affordable. 

According to our study there are 5 Reasons why everything is so cheap in Temu. 

  • Manufactured in China.
  • Direct Ship to Other countries.
  • Temu has a low margin.
  • Easy to obtain raw material. 
  • Focus on a big customer base.
  • Temu has a sustainable investment.
  • Low investment in advertising.
  • Average product quality.


Manufactured in China. 

We all know China as a manufacturing hub and World’s factory That has produced a large number of products and delivered them all over the world. 

In China labor is very cheap and easy to obtain. There are many factories available to produce any kind of products With affordable prices.  

Temu has no It’s own Factory like other brands. Temu products Also manufactured by one of these factories And ships to America UK Canada Australia Delivered to Its customer. 

Direct Ship to Other countries.

Basically Temu products are manufactured in China and directly shipped to other countries. It got a cost effective And affordable price Products for its customer. 

Temu has a low margin.

Temu products are so cheap and affordable because Temu has very low margins on its product. Its focus is only on a big market and customer base with low profit and Low margin. 

In the Europe and other countries manufacturing Industry is very high costly So that obviously products are Costly more than it. 


Easy to obtain raw material. 

In the other countries Raw material is not available for any products manufacturing but in China there are a lot of raw materials Available to make any kind of products and Produce a large number of products. 

Focus on a big customer base. 

In other countries brand focus only One categories customer base like Upper middle and lower Customer base like an example Apple company Focus on one categories of customer like middle class and upper class. 

But in the case of Temu there are no Problems like this where everyone can buy and afford its product. upper class, middle class and Poor class can buy Easily. 


Temu has a sustainable investment.

Temu app has a sustainable investment Basically it is owned by Pdd Holding Which is already  New York stock exchange Nasdaq listed company and has run business in the USA  From a long time. 

Pdd Holdings Funded Temu app And its growthing in business.  


Low investment in advertising.

Temu app Investment in advertising because basically it is Focus only on online market It’s products are not available in market any stores. 

So middlemen are not involved with these products. It is the main reason behind In Temu platform everything is so cheap.  


Average product quality.

Temu app products are very cheap because product quality is below average as you expected it to be

Products are below average quality than other brands Like the necessary products You usually use. 

If you like a brand and a Product quality so it is not for you. 


Why is temu so cheap in the UK ? 

Why is temu so cheap in the UK? It is a basic question for every British person. Basically in the United Kingdom manufacturing industry is very costly, Factory labor price very high, Raw material UN availability, Lack of Skilled manufacturer Make united kingdom products very Costly.  

But the Temu app Has no kind of problem like this Related to factories labor and manufacturing. It is a main region that makes Temu so cheap in the United Kingdom. 

Why is Temu so cheap in Canada ? 

There are same situation in Canada like the United Kingdom But Canada has more problems than the United Kingdom. 

Firstly, Canada Population is very low. It is about 40 million In this population it has no skilled and trained Factory and manufacturing labor like China. 

Canada has no kind of manufacturing industry like China because China produces a large number of necessary products That use Usually. 

even Canada are also import from China It’s necessary products.It is a very big reason that’s why Temu so cheap in Canada


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